Why companies choose the WAVEDESK platform

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Modular structure

Decide for yourself what you want to use or not within the platform.

The modular structure gives you complete freedom to choose which functionalities you wish to use within the platform. Modules can always be activated or deactivated on a monthly basis, so no long-term contracts.

Regardless of any additional modules, the CRM module of the WAVEDESK platform is always at your disposal as it forms the basis of all additional modules or customizations. There is therefore no monthly subscription to use the CRM module in combination with other modules.

Custom made

All forms of customization are possible on the platform.

The structure of the platform makes it ideal for custom implementations. Extensions to the platform have already been made for several Belgian SMEs in order to integrate their specific needs within the platform.

Below you can find a number of cases of how the platform was adapted and expanded.

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Powerful by linking to your trusted platforms.

Because of the integrations that are provided within the platform, you can easily use your trusted online applications.

Standard we provide integrations with Office 365, Google, Dropbox, Bulk sms, ...

Sector-specific modules

Each sector has specific needs and wishes for optimal operation.

We provide for this by providing modules specifically aimed at certain sectors in the market. Currently, modules are available for:

  • Credit management, both ordinary loans and mortgage loans (CREDIT module)
  • Insurance management (INSURANCE module)
  • Organisation and follow-up coaching (COACHING module)
  • Rental management (RENTAL module)
  • Weighbridge and container management (BRIDGE module)
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Extensive support

Do you want correct and fast support?

Use WAVEDESK Help Center to create your tickets, consult the release notes and the extensive articles (manuals). You also have the possibility to have discussions with other WAVEDESK users in the Help Center.

Top Belgian

WAVEDESK is Belgian software made for Belgian SMEs.

So you start a collaboration with a Belgian company that makes software for its own market. No universal software where adjustments have been made to comply with Belgian legislation, no, made by and for the Belgian SME.

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