In this article we provide an overview of the technology that we use within the WAVEDESK platform to be able to offer the different functionalities.

We can divide this into 3 parts which we will discuss in detail below.


For the database part we use Firebird. Firebird is an open-source database. The strength of Firebird is that it is a very compact database server and requires few resources.

Each account within the WAVEDESK platform has its own dedicated Firebird database. This makes it possible to easily generate additional accounts and we have a 100% separation of the data between the accounts.

Logo Firebird database
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Online platform

For the platform itself we currently use Ext JS from Sencha. This is a rich javascript platform that contains many components that can be used for the construction of the user interface.

In the future we foresee a migration of the user interface to Angular or Microsoft Blazor. For this we closely follow the evolution, especially of the Blazor platform from Microsoft, as this platform is still young but contains a lot of potential.

Sencha logo
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Mobile applications

We use Flutter for the mobile applications.

Flutter is a technology from Google that allows to create native applications for both Android and IOS. The unique thing about Flutter is that it allows to create applications for both platforms and from 1 source code and still generate 100% native applications.

Flutter does this by having all visual actions run through a graphical shell that they provide for both platforms.

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