Tailor-made services

Every company is different with its own way of working and procedures.
That is why we do not believe in a one size fits all solution.
In that respect, the WAVEDESK platform was developed as a combination of modules that is ideal for combining certain functionalities that are present as a standard into a new whole and that is also extremely suitable for adding specific functionalities to the platform and being able to continue using the standard functionalities.

What can we take care of?

By default we can offer you all the functionalities that are already present within the WAVEDESK platform including CRM, financial, invoicing, stock, material management, …

These modules can be further expanded with specific functionalities for your company or new modules can be added to the platform specifically for you. In both cases we speak of customization where these functionalities are only available for your account, so you are the owner of this customization.


For custom projects we always use a standard working method. Below you can find an overview of the steps during the process.

  • Initial consultation to get an idea about the question
  • Setting the scope of the project
  • Detailed analysis of the requirements for customization
  • Discussion of the detailed analysis and adjustment of the analysis
  • Final agreement on the detailed analysis
  • Implementation of the functionalities included in the analysis
  • Primary delivery
  • Feedback and adjustment after feedback from the customer
  • Final delivery of the software and inclusion in production
What we usually notice, however, is that once the requested functionalities have been delivered, there are always questions for additional functionalities. If this is the case, we propose 2 formulas: drawing up an offer for the additional functionalities or a monthly maintenance amount whereby we reserve a number of hours to work exclusively on functionalities that have been requested.


Are you looking for references regarding customization on the WAVEDESK platform?
Below you can find a number of custom WAVEDESK customers.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Customer Stories


Tentmoment is one of the market leaders in Belgium for the rental of tents and this already for 3 generations.
In the past, Tentmoment used a general rental program for the internal operation of the company. As this was a standard package, no specific adjustments could be requested that were necessary for an optimal functioning of the software within the organization.
After a thorough analysis of the requirements, a fully customized implementation was made 100% tailored to Tentmoment and this on the basis of the WAVEDESK platform. Currently, this platform is responsible for the management of offers, planning, loading lists for trucks, work orders, management of personnel and material, full stock management with compound articles, …

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