Tab interface

With the release we made a change to the core of the platform to display the different modules of the platform in a tab interface.

Tab interface of the WAVEDESK platform

Features tab interface

With the introduction of tabs, you now have the option to have several modules open simultaneously. In this way you can easily perform searches without having to leave the module in which you are actively working or start a 2nd session of the platform.

For example, you can be actively working within the quotation module and have the customer list open to quickly look up certain data.

This functionality is available for all modules within the platform.

Planned additional options

Internally, WAVEDESK is working on several extensions to this new functionality. Below is a brief discussion of the issues the team is currently working on that we expect to be able to make available in the coming weeks.

1. Automatic refresh

Currently, navigating to an open tab does not automatically refresh the data. You are required to manually refresh the data to see the latest changes when changes were made.

Internally we are expanding the core with an automatic refresh functionality. This means that the moment you click on a certain tab, the platform will automatically update the data on the tab so that it is completely up to date.

2. Dynamic filters

The purpose of dynamic filters is when, for example, you click on a task in your dashboard and wish to view its details, the platform will automatically open the entity to which the task is linked in a new tab with only the relevant entity.

A small example to make this clear: suppose you have a task for a project in your dashboard. When opening the task, the platform will automatically create a new tab of the projects and will only display the project to which the task is linked. This makes it possible to navigate very quickly to the location where you wish to work.

3. Multiple tabs per module

Since dynamic filters will only display data that meet the search criteria, we cannot use a possibly already open tab for the display.

That is why we foresee that when using a dynamic filter, an additional tab will be opened for the module in question to display the search result even if you have already opened the module.