Support themes

We are currently rolling out core version 3 of the WAVEDESK platform and one of the many new functionalities in this release is the support for themes.


Until now you were limited to the layout offered by default by the WAVEDESK platform, there was no possibility to adapt the look of the environment to your own taste.

With core version 3, we change this by allowing you to choose your own style in which you wish to work. You can choose the style you wish to use by choosing the style you want under the style icon in the main window of the platform.

Available themes

Office white was the original theme of the WAVEDESK platform and will of course still be available.

In addition, we initially provide support for the material theme from Google in 4 different colours: blue, orange, purple and teal.

In the future we plan to expand the list of supported themes, these will then automatically become visible in the list of available themes.

Image theme
Example of the Material blue theme in WAVEDESK

After selecting a theme, you will automatically return to the login page of the platform where the chosen theme will be used.

Availability: Support for the themes is currently in rollout and will be 100% available in all modules by the end of December 2020.