Support multiple mail accounts

Support for departments in mail accounts

At the request of customers, we have added support for sending emails from different mail accounts.

Why this functionality?

Several of our customers have indicated that it is not optimal to e-mail from the e-mail address of the user himself, but it is advisable to e-mail from, for example, an info address.

This functionality was already provided in the platform. However, we have now been asked to also be able to e-mail from different departments. To meet this requirement, we have added an extension to the WAVEDESK platform.

How to configure?

Menu item for the mail accounts

At the settings within the WAVEDESK platform, we have provided an additional item in the menu structure with the name ‘Mail accounts’.

When choosing this option, you will see a list of global mail accounts that are already present within your account. From here you can add, change, or delete new accounts.

Global mail account configuration

The number of accounts that you can specify here is unlimited and per account you can specify all the details needed to send mail from the platform.

How to use?

Using the global mail accounts is quite simple.

The window for sending e-mails from the different modules within the platform has been expanded with an additional field where you can select the account you wish to e-mail with. When starting the mail module, the default account will be selected automatically. If there are global mail accounts within your account, they will also be displayed in the list.

Support multiple mail accounts 1

It is sufficient to select the desired account from the list to have it automatically sent via this email address by the platform.