Start-up of a new collaboration with Xenius

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We are proud to announce a new collaboration with Xenius for hosting the WAVEDESK servers.

Until now, the WAVEDESK servers were hosted by TransIp, a Dutch hosting company. Due to the new collaboration, the databases and platform will move to Belgian servers in the coming months.


During the month of January and February we plan to do a migration from the existing accounts to the new servers at Xenius.

This migration makes it easier for us to expand the capabilities of the servers into the future, the data is 100% hosted in Belgian data centers and we have a complete decoupling of the application and the various databases.

Xenius collaboration

New mail service

We also foresee a migration for mailing from the platform.

We are switching from TransIp’s internal SMTP server to an external SMTP server (Smtp2go), which also provides us with additional options to send out large volumes of mails and this with the own domain name of our accounts, such as newsletters.

More information about this will follow shortly.

Visit the Xenius website for more information about their services and products.