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Roelants ramen & deuren

Roelants ramen & deuren is the reference on the coast for PVC / alu windows and doors. More information can be found on the website.

In support of the purchasing department, the question arose whether it was possible to make a module to simplify the follow-up of the projects. It often happened that during the preparation of a project, orders were not placed on time with the suppliers. As a result, certain pieces were sometimes missing at the time of placement, which is detrimental to the efficiency of the team.

After a short consultation it became clear that we could offer a solution here with the WAVEDESK platform and WAVEDESK roelants was born.

Below you can find a summary of the most important functionalities that were provided:

  • Ability to create projects with key details of the project
  • Support to add attachments to the project by dragging them into the project
  • The possibility to create a purchase list per project with an indication per product whether it has been ordered
The creation of the projects is the first phase and is done by Roelants when a project is approved.
Login screen wavedesk roelants

Dashboard & Tasks

After creating the project, the WAVEDESK platform automatically creates a task list for the purchasing department.

The purchasing department has a clear dashboard with a global picture of the projects still to be processed, the current and the completed projects. From here, the purchasing department can monitor project by project and order the various items required for its completion.

Warning open tasks
Desktop integration warnings

To ensure that nothing is overlooked, an integration with notifications on the desktop has been provided. The platform will periodically check if there are any purchases that need to be made in order not to compromise the schedule and will notify the user by notifications displayed on the computer.

Thanks to this implementation, the purchasing department is sure that all necessary orders have been placed and Roelants ramen & deuren can rest assured that the planning is not compromised.

In addition, given that the WAVEDESK platform works completely online, the follow-up can be done from anywhere and anytime.

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