Print full credit file

Sometimes it is necessary to provide a global picture of a credit file to an external party.

This could be a partner, someone who must make decisions about a credit file, … It is important to collect all data about the credit, the borrowers, … in 1 document that you can easily provide.

To facilitate this, we have provided an additional function in the CREDIT module of the WAVEDESK platform. It is sufficient to select the option print for a credit. This will automatically create a global document of the credit file including the following data when linked:

  • Details of the credit
  • Financial plan
  • Details of the different borrowers
  • Cross selling
  • Pledgees
  • Guarantors
  • Properties: unlimited number of owner (s)
  • Buildings: the various guarantees
  • Properties: estimate own / external

You can easily print the created document, but we have also provided the option to email the document directly from the platform.

This can be done in a simple way by selecting the option print in the print preview, after which you will automatically see the mail module where the document has been added as a PDF attachment.

To make forwarding even easier, it is possible to configure a mail template so that you can send a personalized mail without additional steps.

It could not be easier.

In the short term we foresee the possibility to generate the document in different languages. Stay tuned!


This functionality is available in the CREDIT module.