Partnership betrust

partnership betrust

Digital signing partnership

At the request of our INSURANCE user Cares-Assistance, we started looking for a partner for the integration of the digital signing of documents within the platform.

A shortlist was drawn up and we evaluated various platforms. We soon found 2 potential candidates.

After a thorough evaluation, we finally chose to plan an integration for the betrust platform. Since both platforms have practically the same functionalities, the decision was eventually made to opt for betrust.

Below the 2 main reasons for the final choice:

  1. Betrust has solutions for large volumes and for sporadic signing of documents via the OK! Sign platform
  2. Betrust is a Belgian company, this ensures that we can communicate optimally and on the other hand we are happy to support Belgian colleagues if we can do so
Sign digitally

Scheduled functionalities

We initially foresee the integration of these functionalities within 2 modules of the platform:

We will offer the option of having digital documents signed by your end customer and / or intermediary.

It will be possible to offer different methods of signing. We currently provide the following methods: the Belgian eID card, SMS, itsme or the physical signing of the document on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

In addition, we foresee an integration of this functionality in the FINANCIAL module of the platform to have offers signed electronically. We will provide this if there is a demand for this within our user group.


We envisage the integration of Betrust and OK! Sign in 2 steps:

  • Q1 2021: integration of the betrust platform, as this is a requirement for our INSURANCE customer Cares-Assistance
  • Q2 2021: integration of the OK! Sign platform for handling smaller volumes

For more information about betrust, visit the website at