Overview modules

On this page you can find an overview of the different modules that are part of the WAVEDESK platform.
In addition to the various modules, we also offer the possibility to develop custom work on both existing modules and completely new modules.
Overview modules


WAVEDESK CORE is the core of the WAVEDESK platform and is always activated separately from the optional modules.
This module contains all the functionalities that you can expect from a CRM module.
Complete management of your relations and contacts, management of tasks, telephone conversations, attachments, agenda, …
Different integrations are available with Microsoft Office 365, Google & Dropbox.


WAVEDESK FINANCIAL is an extensive financial module that is used practically in all modules of the WAVEDESK platform.
The module contains all the necessary functionalities for managing your financial situation.
This includes, among other things, ledger accounts, financial years, quotation management, invoicing, settlement of payments, …
Full management of reminders is also present and you have the option to offer your customers a personal portal where they can track their invoices.
Processing of CODA messages and the possibility to export your invoices to your accounting is also provided in this module.


WAVEDESK INVENTORY is the module for managing your material and your articles.
The module includes the ability to manage your items including compound items, stock management and availability.
Availability is often used in combination with the WAVEDESK RENTAL module and for determining order points.
In addition, you have the option to keep a stock of spare parts that are needed to schedule the maintenance of machines.


WAVEDESK PROJECT is the ideal solution if you work on a project basis.
This module allows you to manage an unlimited number of projects per customer.
These projects allow you to create step-by-step plans, staff planning, site management including site reports.
Through 100% integration with WAVEDESK FINANCIAL you have a detailed financial module with quotation management, invoicing, payment follow-up, … Complete follow-up of projects including step-by-step plans, gannt-charting, management reports, …
On the other hand, with 100% integration with WAVEDESK INVENTORY you have a perfect view of your materials and articles, stock management, …
A worthy alternative to Bouwsoft.


Are you an independent credit broker? Do you work with independent applicators?
The credit management module allows you to fully automate your applicators, credits and commissions.
Generate the required bills every month and get a correct view of the distribution of the incoming and outgoing commission.
Optimize communication with your customers and applicators by offering a personal portal.


This module allows you to manage everything regarding rental.
Generate quotes, invoices and work orders for the rental of material.
Manage your articles with support for compound articles and availability through integration with WAVEDESK INVENTORY.
Generate loading lists, work orders, … this module can also work with weights of articles, so that totals of weight can be displayed on, among other things, loading lists.
By integrating with WAVEDESK FINANCIAL you can follow the entire process of renting from quotation to payment.


Module specifically designed for weighbridges.
Registration of incoming and outgoing weighings with support of different weighings depending on the materials.
Management of R&D codes and Eural codes.
Possibility of periodic invoicing of the weightings with support for reminders & credit notes.
All legal statistics and support for ticket printer.


Specific module for companies that do coaching on a professional level.
The module makes it possible to follow up coaching processes including planning sessions, notifications via e-mail and sms to the client.
Central management of the reports on the sessions with the possibility of adding documents, photos, video, … this way you have 1 central file per customer.
Follow-up of invoicing and payments through integration with the WAVEDESK FINANCIAL module.


Every company has its own specific needs and way of working.
In order to meet this, we offer the possibility to develop customization on the existing modules within the WAVEDESK platform.
In addition, you can also go to WAVEDESK for completely new developments, both for the web, Windows or mobile.

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