Optimize the communication of news to your intermediaries & customers

Why display news on your portals?

Optimal communication with your intermediaries and end customers is of the utmost importance.

You can of course always do this via email, but there are a number of drawbacks to this:

  • Nowadays we are inundated with e-mail traffic, your news message does not necessarily get the attention you want
  • There is a chance that your mail will end up in spam
  • Mail can come across as disturbing to your intermediary or customer if the frequency of e-mails is too high

The solution: making a news section available on your portals where you can always make the latest news of your company available to your intermediaries & end customers.

What are the advantages of this way of working:

  • Your news is always visible when you log on to your portals, this is always the first page that is visible
  • You have the option to build a history of news on your page which is not possible via e-mail traffic
  • The visitor gets to see the news at the right time, because he is active on your portal when he sees the news
  • You can divide your news better, on the one hand according to the type of portal user (intermediary – end customer) and on the other hand in terms of language

Overview of the functionalities

You can manage the complete configuration of the news from WAVEDESK, for this you first and foremost have the option to display the news or not on your portals.

To manage the content, you have an advanced visual html editor that allows you to include photos, texts and even videos. Since the portals are available in 3 languages, you have the option to manage the content in the 3 supported languages. Since we have separate portals for the intermediaries and for the end customers, you have a total of 6 news pages.

News editor WAVEDESK
Screenshot of the news editor present within the WAVEDESK platform
Display news on the WAVEDESK portal
Screenshot of the display of the news in the portal of the intermediaries


The functionality to manage your news on your portals is now available in the modules CREDIT and INSURANCE that have a portal, no additional license is required if you are an active user of these module (s).

Please refer to these pages for more information on: