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One platform for all your needs



By default, we offer a number of modules that can be used in every Belgian SME.

The most important modules are CRM, quotation management, invoicing, stock management, project management.


Each sector has specific needs. To this end, we offer sector-specific modules that integrate perfectly.

Currently we offer modules for credit management, insurance, coaching, rental, ...



Basic CRM functionalities to support the various modules

From quotation to invoicing, booking payments and full reminder management

Article management with support for composite articles, loading lists, stock, ...

Work around different projects with support for teams, visual planning, ...


Manage your credits with the support of dispersed commissions and a portal

Full management module for insurance companies

Module for the management of your coaching activities including planning, reports, ...

Module for the management of rentals, container management, weighing, ...

Module for the management of weighbridges including printing documents and invoicing, ...


On all standard modules and sector-specific modules it is possible to implement additional functionalities tailored to your company.

Experience the modular structure

Customize the platform to your way of working

The unique modular structure of the platform makes it extremely suitable for customised developments.

Do you need specific functionalities for your company or do you not agree with the workflow of a standard application?

We offer a solution by adjusting the flow within the platform to your specific needs.

Display of the modular structure

Features of WAVEDESK

Full business suite

  • All necessary modules
  • Adaptable to your way of working
  • Customization possible


  • User central
  • Modern technology
  • Modular yet integrated

Powerful and flexible

  • Powerful core modules
  • Sector-specific solutions
  • Reliable and 100% web-based
Photo Verlinde Stefaan SNV-Finance
Verlinde Stefaan manager SNV-Finance


Verlinde Stefaan / user CREDIT module

User-friendly, time-saving tool that provides a correct overview of customers, credits and commissions.

In the meantime SNV-Finance has been working with the platform for 2 years, during which time WAVEDESK has grown into a professional and complete CRM platform.

The commission processing part is an absolute added value. Keeping track of commissions has never been easier.

The tool processes incoming and outgoing commissions without any problems so you always have a perfect overview of your own direct and recurring revenues. Paying out recurring commissions to our independent sub-agents is easy and not time-consuming at all.


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