New quotation module

At the request of several of users of the FINANCIAL module, we have done a full review of the quotation module to make it even more user-friendly.

We will make the result of this generally available in the WAVEDESK platform from 29/12/2020.

Which are the main changes?

Below we give just a brief overview of the most important changes that are present in this update.

  • Visual representation of the quotation as it will be printed or e-mailed during the preparation of the quotation
  • Features for titles and subtotals on multiple levels. This allows, among other things, to include different variants of quotations within 1 general quotation
  • Support for formatting in the descriptions
  • Possibility to create a project directly from the quotation if you use the PROJECT module. You have the option to have the site address stated on the quotation
  • Keep entering new articles without leaving the entry window
  • Expansion of the mail functionalities with the possibility to specify multiple mail accounts as recipient and expansion of the supported variables that are automatically filled in when presenting the mail content and support for additional standard attachments in the mail in addition to the effective quotation such as your general terms and conditions

These new functionalities are automatically available within your account when you are an active user of the FINANCIAL module.