New interface

With release of the platform, we have released the final design of the platform to the users. The interface of the platform has evolved several times, but with this release we have reached a milestone.

Minimalist style

In the past we had already switched from a more colored interface to a more flat interface with more white. With this release, we are extending this further to the main bar. This makes the interface a lot quieter to work in.

The 2nd big change we made is the replacement of all icons within the platform.

Where the previous versions had blue icons and often the same icons, we have now opted for gray icons with improved sharpness and many icons were replaced by icons that describe the action more clearly. The style of the icons is padded and goes very much with the style used by the Apple platform.

A third smaller adjustment is that we have adjusted the notification colors within the platform so that they are 100% a match with the colors of the website. You will see that the color for the warnings is now the same as the color in the theme of the website.

Do you have any further suggestions for the platform’s interface?

Feel free to contact us at