Link twikey

At the request of our INSURANCE customers, we have started the integration of the twikey API within the WAVEDESK platform. Thanks to this integration, it will soon be possible to offer direct debit, in addition, we also provide the option to automatically make payments.

Why this integration?

For the INSURANCE module, there is a need to be able to send a direct debit on monthly for the insurance policies. This is obviously not feasible manually. Since the INSURANCE module contains all the necessary functionalities to manage direct debits, it was a logical consequence that a link was created so that these can be offered automatically.

Possibilities of the twikey link

The possibilities currently on the roadmap are the following:

  • Automatic generation of a direct debit file that we send to twikey via the available API to have this direct debit offered
  • Automatic processing of the status reports so that the insurance policies are updated regarding the monthly payments of the premiums. In this way we always have a correct view within WAVEDESK of which monthly premiums have been paid
  • Including refused direct debit in work lists for internal staff and possibly for the intermediary so that they can follow up and anticipate the policies
  • Due to the automatic processing of the payments by the policyholder, the platform is also able to temporarily stop the payment of the commission to the intermediary in function of the premium payments.

Foreseen future possibilities

Given the extensive functionalities present within the twikey platform, we foresee a number of extensions in the near future. These extensions will be integrated in both the INSURANCE module, CREDIT module and FINANCIAL module.

  • Automatic payment of commissions to intermediaries in both the INSURANCE module and the CREDIT module based on the balances on the statements
  • Possibility to pay payments of purchase invoices automatically via this link with an automatic update of the outstanding balance