Integration properties

At the request of our CREDIT customers, we have added an extension to the CREDIT module within the platform that allows us to manage the properties.

What are the possibilities?

We start from an overview of the different properties that are already present in your account. From here you have the option to add, change or delete new properties.

Within the detail sheet of the property, we initially have general information about the property. This includes the address, destination, date of purchase, cadastral income, …

In addition, we provide 3 tabs that allow you to keep detailed information and to make the necessary links to credits and owners.

Example of the detail sheet of the properties

Owner (s) property

Here you have the option to link an unlimited number of owners to 1 property. An owner can be a private person or a company and when linking you have the option to indicate the capacity of the owner and the percentage of ownership.

Guarantee property

Example of entering a guarantee for a property

You have the option of linking an unlimited number of guarantees to a property. You can specify the following parameters for each guarantee: type, amount, rank, financial institution, date of the credit and the linked credit.

In this way you can make a link between the guarantees, the credits and the properties.

Estimate property

You can also add the estimate data as the last part of the properties. You have the option to add the data from your own estimate and the data from the external estimator.

Example input parameters estimate of a property

We provide the necessary links between the various modules. In this way you get an overview of the properties and an overview of the credits for your contacts. On the level of the credits you get an overview of the properties and on the level of the properties you get an overview of the credits and the owners of the properties.

All this makes it possible to quickly make analyzes with the necessary reporting.