On this page you can find a global overview of the functionalities you can expect within the WAVEDESK platform.

To keep it all clear, we have provided a table of contents below.
You can also download the overview in pdf-format.

Consult this page frequently as we add new functionalities to the platform on a daily basis.

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Table of contents

General functionalities

General functionalities are available throughout the platform regardless of the modules you use.


Full support for Dutch, French and English.

Master data

You have a large number of master data that allows you to create standard lists that are used within the different modules.

Mail templates

Mail templates with support for variables to be able to quickly send mails from any module with automatic replacement of the variables including the possibility to add attachments to the templates.

Incoming mails

Support for processing incoming mails with automatic matching based on the email address. The processed mails are stored centrally at the entity and can be reopened.


Ability to add attachments at all levels within the platform via upload or drag-and-drop. Support for all file types.

Google maps

Integration with Google maps makes it possible to consult Google maps from any address within the platform for a visual representation of the location.

Google route

Integration with Google route makes it possible to automatically calculate travel times and distances to any address within the platform.

Personnel management

Manage your staff with all their personal details. If they have access to the platform, you can also manage their rights and define options. You also have the possibility to link documents such as driver's license, E-id, ...

Standard lists

The platform contains standard lists of all postal codes in Belgium in 3 languages as well as a list of all countries.

Integration Dropbox

If you already have files that you wish to link to data within the platform, you can make use of this integration. You can link existing Dropbox files and open them directly from the WAVEDESK platform.


Display alerts within the platform for tasks, phones, messages and the ability to receive desktop notifications on your computer.


Centrally manage the overall holidays of your company or the individual holidays of your staff. The different modules will take this into account.

CRM module

The CRM module is included as standard in every optional module you use within the platform.


General dashboard with an overview of the agenda, the open tasks and the telephone calls to be made.


Comprehensive sheet of the companies where all data of the company can be registered including billing address, shipping address, language to use in the documents, social media parameters, ...

Here you also have the possibility to consult the Crossroads bank to validate or supplement company data.


File of your contacts where you can register all the data of your contacts including language, photo, social media data, ... Additional fields are available for modules such as the CREDIT module and the INSURANCE module for family relations, work situation, ...

You also have the possibility to read the E-Id card (in development).


A centrally shared agenda where you can consult the planning of yourself and your colleagues at a glance. Book appointments with the possibility to automatically send an e-mail to the participants. If you use the portals, you also have the possibility to make specific time blocks for appointments available to which your intermediaries can subscribe.

Appointments you book are automatically synchronized with Office 365 (under development)


Besides the possibility to send mails directly from the platform, you also have the possibility to integrate your mails. For this purpose we provide an inbox from which you can assign the mails to companies, customers, ... with an automatic matching on the basis of the email address.


Create tasks for yourself and your colleagues and, if you use the portal, also for your intermediaries. You will automatically receive reminders for your tasks within the platform.

Phone calls

Schedule phone calls for yourself or for your colleagues and, if you use the portal, also for your intermediaries. You will automatically receive reminders for your phone calls within the platform. You can also note the result of the phone call.

Document archive

Central document archive where you can upload unlimited documents. The document archive can be organized in a tree structure to keep context-related documents together. Documents can also be made visible on the portals if desired.


Create unlimited notes on all entities within the platform. Notes can also be made visible in the portals if desired.


The FINANCIAL module is responsible for the financial management within the WAVEDESK platform.


Create quotes quickly via the integration with the article management. Optionally you have the possibility to work with subtitles to structure your quotation and you can incorporate variants in your quotations.

Quotations can be sent directly to your end customer from the platform and made available on their portal.


Create invoices from scratch or convert quotations into invoices. As with the quotes, you have the possibility to send them directly from the platform and make them available online.

Invoicing also has support for advance invoices.

Credit notes

Of course, you also have the possibility to make credit notes on invoices that have already been made.


Book payments on invoices and thus always obtain a correct overview of the outstanding items of your customers.

Reminder management

The reminder management allows you to send reminders to your customers directly from the platform. Here you have the possibility to send reminders for individual invoices or to create a summary reminder. With a summary reminder you have the possibility to include all outstanding invoices or only all expired invoices.


Manage the different financial journals you work with in the base file of the journals.

VAT codes

Create an unlimited number of VAT codes. At the level of the VAT codes, we have support for intra-Community VAT rates and recovery products.

Financial years

Full management of financial years with the possibility to close financial years.

Import Sbb

Import the overview of outstanding invoices into WAVEDESK and manage the reminder management from the WAVEDESK platform.


Make a portal available to your end customer where he can consult an overview of his quotations and invoices.


The INVENTORY module is responsible for managing your articles and stock within the WAVEDESK platform.


Support for article groups.


Create parameters at the level of your article groups which you can then use for the individual articles within this group.

Article sheet

Extensive article sheet with support of e.g. ean-code, manufacturer, price, price unit, VAT code, general ledger, supplier, article code supplier, purchase price and an unlimited number of variable parameters that you can create yourself.

Integration of RAL codes

Integrate RAL codes at the level of your articles with automatic selection list and processing of the code and description within your quotations and invoices.


Possibility to indicate in which modules each specific article may be visible.


Link technical documents, ... directly to individual articles.

PROJECT module

The PROJECT module allows you to work on a project basis with visual planning and support of phases.

Shift management

Shift management allows you to divide your staff into shifts that you can use within the PROJECT module to create the schedule.

Integration of offers

Automatically create a project from the quotation module when the quotation is approved.

Visual planning

Visual planning module of your projects on a timeline where you have a global overview of all projects divided per team. You have the possibility to drag and drop projects from this overview so that the planning of the next projects will adjust automatically.

The visual planning also shows the leave periods and various graphs.

Manage projects

Manage your projects with the ability to assign different statuses. You will also immediately receive an overview of the quotations and invoices linked to projects.

Of course you also have the possibility to link and create tasks, notes and attachments.

Project sheet

Extensive project sheet with the possibility to indicate who the project leader is, start date, expected duration, ...

Distance calculation

Automatic calculation of the distance to the yards.

Yard notification

Possibility to indicate that a yard notification must be done, this will automatically create a task from which you will receive a reminder.

Check-in at work

Possibility to indicate that a check-in at work has to be done. This will automatically create a task from which you will receive a reminder.

Support for phases

Possibility to create multiple phases within 1 project if the project is to be carried out spread over time. You can specify for each phase when the phase should start and the duration. This will also be visually displayed in the planning module.

Team members

By default, you will assign a team to a project. However, you can deviate at the level of a project and add or remove members of a team for this individual project.

CREDIT module

Specific module for the credit broker that makes it possible to manage all types of credit.


Comprehensive dashboard with an overview per year of the number of credits, total amount and the total amount of commission.
In addition, you get an overview of the spread of the credits per financial institution and the turnover evolution per month for the chosen year.
A top 10 of your intermediaries is also present with their number of credits and amount.

Credit files

Comprehensive credit file where you can enter all the details of the credit file.
We have support for the following:

  • Unlimited number of borrowers
  • Unlimited number of lenders
  • Unlimited number of guarantors
  • All details of the credit
  • Support for cross selling
  • Risk profile/ borrower's personal preferences
  • Full financial plan
  • Financial income/expenses per borrower

From the management of the credit files you have an overview of any linked properties.


Manage properties with their owners, the type and percentage of ownership per owner. You can also specify an unlimited number of guarantees with all the details such as type, amount, rank, the company and the deed date.
Link an unlimited number of credits to your property. Both the internal appraisal data and the external appraiser's data can also be linked to your property.


Full management of the intermediaries who bring you credits. In addition to all the details of your intermediary, you can also enter here the details regarding commission on the credits. You can choose from different formulas with full flexibility in terms of distribution of payments.

Commission schedules

Create multiple commission schedules per credit file. This allows you to create a schedule for different intermediaries as well as yourself with the spread to be applied.

Financial Institutions

Manage the financial institutions you work with so that you can categorise your credit files.

Commission management

Full commission management with an overview of received commissions, expected commissions, possibility to print out monthly statements, ... The module also includes the possibility to stop and transfer commissions.


Make a portal available to your intermediaries where they can consult the credit files they have submitted, consult commissions and download statements.

Provide your borrowers with a portal where they can consult the details of their credit file and upload documents to complete their credit file.


Comprehensive reports including distribution of credits per company, status of different credits, ...


Possibility to integrate proposals within the platform so that they can be handled by your intermediary with the end customer.

You can export credit file requests to create simulations and import the results into the CREDIT module.

Full analysis

Possibility to generate a global document of a credit file for forwarding to an external party for evaluation or approval.


The INSURANCE module is specifically designed for the insurance broker and allows you to manage your insurance policies.

Insurance policies

Full management of the insurance policies with support of different companies, insured capital, taxes, premiums, commission, effective date, ...

Unlimited number of insured persons per policy including support for minors.

Possibility to specify per insurance policy which commission system should be used to overrule the settings on intermediary and/or institution level.

Backlog lists

Ability to generate backlog lists for insurance policies at any time. Backlog lists can be sent automatically from the platform or can be made available on the portal.


Full management of your intermediary including their rights regarding the portal.

In addition, you can indicate at the level of the intermediary what rights he has to commission and this per company. Here you have the possibility to opt for application commission or collection commission with the different percentages.


Manage the different insurance companies you work with with all the details. You can also specify here the standard commission for application commission, reminder commission and collection commission to be used.

Commission management

Extensive commission management with an overview of the different batches that have been created and per batch the statements per intermediary. You can consult the individual transactions (manual, automatic) directly here.

Proposal generator

The unique proposal generator makes it possible to generate proposals for commission statements. This allows you to consult the proposals and adjust them where necessary for the final creation of the statements.

The proposal generator is specific to each account and can be adapted to your specific needs and rules.


Divide your intermediaries into groups in order to generate overall statistics and deliver them to the grouping manager.

Sepa integration

The integration with twikey allows you to automatically process the sepa collections within the platform and thus update the periodic payments at policy level. This allows you to always have a correct picture of the payment history and to generate backlog lists.


You have a portal to which you can give your intermediaries access. Here they can consult their policies and statements. They can also consult lists of arrears in their policies so that action can be taken towards the policyholder.


The COACHING module is the solution for coaching companies that wish to organize their coaching activities professionally.

Coaching projects

Create coaching projects with self-determined statuses, the location of the coaching sessions, the number of coaching and training sessions, ...

Invoicing integration

The integration with the FINANCIAL module allows you to perfectly draw up invoices for new coaching projects.

Manage sessions

Plan and follow up the various coaching sessions. In case of a cancellation, you can automatically have a new session scheduled by the platform.


Create a report for each session with the location of the session. Here you have the possibility to add pictures and if necessary immediately follow up by emailing the participant.


Schedule the automatic sending of exercises where the platform will automatically send the exercises to the participant at the desired time. Exercises can be sent by mail or sms.

Mental training

Support for mental training sessions.

RENTAL module

Module specifically designed for the management of rentals.

Rental management

Manage all the details of rentals with start date, end date, article, location of rental, ...

Invoicing integration

Integration with the FINANCIAL module allows you to have rentals automatically invoiced by the platform.


Support for replacements during a rental period. Return of rented items and replacements, e.g. containers. These replacements will automatically be included as separate billing lines.

Article integration

Integration with the INVENTORY module makes it possible to trace the availability of the different items you wish to rent out.

BRIDGE module

Specific module for companies that have a weighbridge and wish to manage it professionally.

Vehicle management

Management of vehicles including plate numbers so that they can be selected quickly when weighing is being processed.


Management of products specifically for use within the BRIDGE module with the possibility of linking them to articles in the INVENTORY module for further handling regarding invoicing.


Manage yards and link them to vehicles so that they are automatically filled in in the weightings.

Eural codes

Full management and integration of the Eural codes so that you can include them in the weightings and comply with legal obligations.

R&D codes

Just like the Eural codes, here you have full integration within the weightings.


Dashboard with an overview of the open weighings. This automatically shows the vehicles that have had an incoming weighting but not yet an outgoing weighting. This way you can easily select them and have an overview of the number of vehicles that are currently active on your premises.

Initial weighting

Perform the initial weighing with all details. The input is structured in such a way that you can enter an initial weighting very quickly.

Intermediate weights

Support for intermediate weighing when a vehicle has different types of material and individual weighing is required for each type of material.

Print weighing slip

Possibility to automatically print out a weighing slip at the end of the weighing process. This weighing slip can optionally also be sent automatically by e-mail.

Invoicing integration

Full integration with the FINANCIAL module for the automatic creation of invoices for closed weighings. This gives you complete freedom whether or not to create a collective invoice for closed weighings.

Statistics tonnage

Different statistics on tonnage to keep an overview of what exactly came in, went out or is present on your premises.

Historical weightings

Complete history of the weighings, you can draw histories by customer, by Eural code or R&D code or combined.


All legal documents required by the government can be printed.

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