All the necessary tools for a complete financial follow-up of your company and this from quotation to reminder management and link accounting.
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Prepare quotations and invoices

Easily prepare quotations & invoices

Easily prepare quotations & invoices. You can use the article management to quickly add the desired articles.

The module optionally has support for processing RAL colour codes so that they are always correctly integrated.

Easy to send

Easy to send

From the print preview of your quotation or invoice, you have the option to forward the document directly via e-mail with support of mail templates. This is possible due to the powerful integrated mail functionalities within the platform.

You can also make these documents available to your end customer via the online portal.


Perfect integration with the other modules

The quotation & invoicing module contains a perfect integration with the other modules within the platform.

For example, you can create a project directly from a quotation after approval in the PROJECT module and you always have an overview of all quotations and invoices that have been drawn up at the level of your customers.


Follow-up of payments

Easily update the payments of your invoices to always have a correct view of outstanding invoices and arrears.

Claim management

Extensive claim management

You have an extensive reminder management where you can send reminders directly from the overview of your outstanding customers with 1 click.

The platform includes support for individual reminders but also for summary reminders that contain a summation of all outstanding invoices.

We also provide specific templates for each degree of recall.


Online portal

Make all documents available to your customers online via the personal portal. Here your customer can consult a complete history of all documents.

The look and feel of the portal can be completely adapted to your corporate identity.

A selection of the functionalities

Below you can find a selection of the functionalities that are available.
For a full description of all functionalities, please refer to the documentation of the FINANCIAL module.

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