Custom made

Every company is different with its own customs and procedures. That is why we do not believe in a one size fits all solution.

In that respect, the WAVEDESK platform has been developed as a modular whole that is ideal for combining certain functionalities that are available as standard into a new whole. This makes the platform extremely suitable for adding specific functionalities to the platform and making permanent use of the standard functionalities that are already present.

What can we offer you?

By default we offer you all functionalities that are available within the WAVEDESK platform. This includes CRM, financial management, invoicing, stock management, …

These modules can be further expanded with specific functionalities for your company or completely new modules can be made that plug into the platform.

In both cases we speak of custom work where these functionalities are only available for your account, so you own this custom work.

How do we work?

Custom made

We always use a standard working method for custom projects.
We always go through the steps below:

  • Initial consultation to get an idea of the question
  • Drawing up the scope for the project
  • A detailed analysis of the requirements
  • Thorough discussion of the detailed analysis and adjustments where necessary
  • Final agreement on the detailed analysis
  • Implementation of the functionalities included in the analysis
  • Primary delivery
  • Feedback and adjustments after evaluation by you
  • Final delivery of the software and inclusion in production

Usually, however, we notice that once the requested functionalities have been delivered, questions keep coming for additional functionalities.

In this case we propose 2 formulas:

  • Drawing up of a quotation for the additional functionalities
  • Monthly maintenance amount where we reserve several hours to work exclusively around the requested functionalities

Are you looking for a partner for the implementation of software specifically tailored to your company?

Contact us and we will see what we can do for each other without obligation.
Several Belgian companies have already preceded you, including Tentmoment, Coconne, …

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