Credit management module

The credit management module was made specifically for the credit broker who is looking for professional software for managing all types of credit.

The module makes it possible to manage all credit details, but also contains advanced functionalities such as the management of spread commissions, the creation of proposals, extensive statistics and a portal for both applicators and end customers.
Het kredietbeheer binnen het WAVEDESK-platform.

Credit management with WAVEDESK

The WAVEDESK CREDIT module contains all the necessary functionalities for the complete registration of credits. This concerns all types of loans and the platform contains additional functionalities specifically for the management of mortgage loans.

Each credit can have an unlimited number of applicants (natural person or company). For each applicant you have the option to register all details such as professional data, charges, income, the desired risk profile and the complete financial plan.

Through the complete integration with WAVEDESK CORE, the CRM part within the WAVEDESK platform, you only need to register applicants once and you can link an unlimited number of credits to your relations within the platform.

Manage applicators with WAVEDESK

If you work with independent intermediaries or providers you can use the management of the applicators.

This module within credit management allows you to manage your applicators at a central location, including the standard spread that you wish to apply for this applicator. This standard spread will then be automatically proposed when linking a commission scheme to the relevant person.

In addition, through the management of the applicants you can perfectly manage to which commission each individual applicant is entitled each month for the credits he has made. The needed reports are also available, including the automatic generation of the annual form 281.50.

Financial institutions in WAVEDESK

The management of the financial institutions allows you to define the different financial institutions with which you collaborate for taking out loans.

You have a detailed sheet for every financial institution where you can enter all the details of the financial institution. In addition, you can specify per financial institution what the standard is for this institution for the payment of commissions, this will be automatically taken over when creating a commission schedule for the relevant financial institution.

Just like in all other modules within the WAVEDESK platform, you have the option here to link documents, tasks, telephone calls, … to the financial institution through the integration with WAVEDESK CORE.

Commission schedules in WAVEDESK

You have the option of creating an unlimited number of commission schemes per credit. Commission schemes allow you to indicate which commission must be paid to which applicator and how the distribution of the payment is structured.

You can activate or stop a commission schedule at any time. When the scheme is stopped, all commissions that have not yet been paid will be removed from the account of the applicator.

You can also optionally transfer commissions that have not yet been paid to another applicator.

Commission management & invoices

The commission management allows you to periodically create invoices for your own account or for applicants. You therefore have the option of providing a slip per period with an overview of the commissions to which the person applying is entitled on the various credits, this makes the payment of staggered commissions very simple.

The forms are drawn up in the language of the relevant person and can be printed or e-mailed directly from the platform.

Extra functionalities in the PRO version

The PRO version of WAVEDESK CREDIT contains all the above functionalities but has been further expanded with the functionalities that you can find below.

Create an unlimited number of credit proposals for your applicators or customers

The PRO version allows you to create an unlimited number of credit proposals for your applicators or customers. You can enter these credit proposals manually or you can use the export and import module that is present to export all details of the application and to generate a proposal based on this data.

You can add this proposal to the application using the import function.

In this way you can facilitate your applicators or customers by making proposals available, including the repayment table in PDF format.

The applicant and / or client has the option to consult the proposals via the portals that WAVEDESK makes available.

Make portals available to your applicators and your customers

In the PRO version of WAVEDESK CREDIT you have the option of making portals available to your customers and suppliers.

Via this portal you can further optimize the communication for customers with regard to credit applications and current loans. In this way you can give the customer access to his credits through the portal. You have the option to indicate which details may be visible. For credit applications you can use the portal as a channel for delivering documents, … this avoids the hassle of email attachments, … the customer can directly upload documents linked to the request or the file, making them automatically available in the file within WAVEDESK CREDIT.

A specific portal is also available for applicants. Through this portal, the applicator can consult his receipts, consult his commissions and submit credit proposals to your company. You can then continue to handle this internally.

The portals are available in 3 languages: Dutch, French and English as well as all functionalities within the WAVEDESK platform.

Do you wish to get the most out of the many data that are present in credit management?

The PRO version of WAVEDESK CREDIT contains extensive reports and statistics so that you can do more with your data. This way you can draw different lists of your relations based on different parameters of the credit files.

  • Are you looking for a list of loans where refinancing would be interesting?
  • Do you wish to e-mail a specific target group? You can filter and export the data.
  • How many files have been acted effectively? How many not?
  • Detailed overviews of the volume of loans per financial institution?

It’s all possible in the PRO version.

Support for E-id integration

In the PRO version you have a plug-in that allows you to read the identity card.
This data can then be processed automatically in the relation sheet within WAVEDESK CORE.
All data present on the identity card is read out and stored including the photo.

By reading in the E-id you can create relationships faster within the platform and there is less chance that errors are present in the data.
This plug-in is specific to Windows and will automatically activate and read out the data when an identity card is inserted.

Website plug-in for credit requests

In the PRO version, we provide a plug-in that you can easily integrate into your website via an IFrame.
This plug-in allows you to apply for a credit on your personal website.
You can fully manage the layout of the plug-in within the WAVEDESK platform.
Requests that are filled in via this plug-in will automatically end up in an Inbox within WAVEDESK CREDIT and after review can be used automatically for starting a credit file.
In this way you can easily start a credit file where you already have a number of basic parameters, which increases the speed of work and reduces the risk of errors.

Outlook plug-in for automatic e-mail processing

The Outlook plug-in allows you to integrate WAVEDESK CORE within your Outlook (Windows only).
By using the plug-in, the platform will automatically try to make a match between the e-mail address and your relations within WAVEDESK.
Mails for which a match has been found will be automatically included in the platform and linked to the relevant relation, this way you have a complete overview of all mail traffic for your relations even when you send and receive mails outside the platform.
Of course it is also always possible to make a link manually with a relation if the plug-in cannot automatically make the link.

Stefaan Verlinde

Customer Stories


User-friendly, time-saving tool that gives a correct overview of customers, credits and commissions.

SNV-Finance has been working with the tool for just over 1 year, previously under the name of CommiSoft, but WAVEDESK has now grown into a professional and complete CRM platform. The commission processing part is an absolute added value. Keeping track of commissions has never been easier.
The tool processes incoming and outgoing commissions without problems, giving you a perfect overview of your own direct and recurring income. The payment of recurring commissions to our independent sub-agents is easy and no longer time-consuming.
SNV Finance

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Overview subscriptions


Standard version of WAVEDESK CREDIT
  • Full CRM integration
  • Management of all types of credits with all details
  • Manage applicants with generation of forms
  • Manage financial institutions
  • Unlimited number of commission schedules per file
  • Basic reporting


  • Full CRM integration
  • Management of all types of credits with all details
  • Manage applicants with generation of forms
  • Manage financial institutions
  • Unlimited number of commission schedules per file
  • Extensive reporting
  • Support for export files / import proposals
  • Portal for your applicants
  • Portal for your customers
  • Website plug-in for credit file request
  • Support reading E-Id
  • Outlook plug-in for integration mails

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