Manage credits.

With WAVEDESK, you can keep track of your credits. Manage all the steps and aspects of a credit file internally within your organisation and involve your intermediaries and customers via the online portal.

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Manage your credits efficiently.

Creating and managing credits within WAVEDESK is super flexible. Use proposals as a starting point or start from scratch. Easy. In addition to effective credits, you also have the possibility to manage the properties.
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Full control over your intermediaries.

Your agents are very important to your organization, manage them very professionally with standard commission schedules and all the details.

Give them access to an online portal to consult their statements and shared documents.

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A clear look at the financial institutions you work with.

Surely you would like clear numbers when negotiating with the financial institutions with which you collaborate to obtain the best margins?

With the CREDIT module you can pull all the necessary statistics and create a standard commission schedule.

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Commission management.

Commissions with dispersion, even specifically per intermediary, monthly statements with automatic emailing, ...

It's all possible with the CREDIT module and it doesn't stop there, gives a forecast to your intermediaries of what they can expect in commission in the coming months, completely dynamically drawn up by the platform based on the credits.

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Reports and statistics.

Extensive reporting is of course available through the reporting module.

Would you like to have a clear view on the status of your different credits, credits realised per credit company?

It can all be done using the dynamic report generator built into the platform.

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A personal portal for your intermediaries & customers?

If you want to be truly professional as a credit broker and want to stand out from other brokers, you can use your personal portal.

This module allows you to offer your end customer and intermediary a private environment from which they can consult data but also collaborate with you.

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A selection of the functionalities.

We can't possibly list all the functionalities. Below you can find a selection of the functionalities that are present. For a complete description of all functionalities, please refer to the manual of the CREDIT module.

  • Create credit proposals for your intermediaries and make them available on their portal
  • Export and import proposals in a fixed WAVEDESK format
  • Create an unlimited number of notes per file with the choice of whether or not to share them with your intermediaries.
  • Store documents in the archive and optionally share specific folders with your intermediaries
  • Assign tasks to internal employees but also to intermediaries
  • Support for groups, group agents under a group to pull global statistics
  • Possibility to add an unlimited number of attachments at all levels of a credit file
  • Link incoming mails to your files, intermediaries, ... Of course you can also send mails
  • You have an extensive agenda with the possibility to share it internally and/or with intermediaries.
  • Printout of all legal documents, including the sheet 281.50 for your intermediaries

Need more information? Visit WAVEDESK Help Center

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Are you looking for additional information about the CREDIT module within the platform?

In WAVEDESK Help Center you can find a complete manual of the WAVEDESK platform including frequently asked questions, a ticket portal for your support requests and discussion forums.

WAVEDESK Help Center is available in 3 languages, please select your preferred language to visit Help Center.

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