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In this case we provide an overview of the custom implementation that was done for Tentmoment (the former Europatenten) based on the WAVEDESK platform.

About Tentmoment

Tentmoment is one of the market leaders in Belgium when it comes to renting out tents, more specifically for tents starting from 150 people. Peter, Kristien and Brecht are daily available with an entire team to serve customers all over Belgium. More information about Tentmoment can be found on the Tentmoment website.

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Until about a year ago, Tentmoment worked with a software program specifically made for companies specialized in rental, but it was never a 100% match with the activities they have, a problem that we often see in standard solutions.

In that respect, Peter and Kristien were looking for a solution that was 100% a match with their business operations.

WAVEDESK has taken up the challenge to be able to offer a complete solution to their questions.


The story started with a number of constructive meetings to identify the needs and concerns they came into contact with on a daily basis. After these meetings, the WAVEDESK team started drawing up an extensive analysis to gain a total insight into the scope of the project. After extensive discussion of the analysis, we started the challenge.

This resulted in very close collaboration between Tentmoment and WAVEDESK with frequent consultation moments and an extensive test phase of the platform where the software was put into use.

One of the most difficult points during development was the recovery of the articles and stock data from the old platform, given the closed structure of the database. Via a stopover, we still managed to make the switch without losing data.


Currently, all quotations and the complete planning are done within the WAVEDESK platform and we work daily on the further expansion of the functionalities at the request of Tentmoment.

Main benefits for Tentmoment

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