In this case, we give an overview of the custom implementation that was done for Coconne, a creative architectural firm, based on the WAVEDESK platform.


COCONNE is a renowned architectural firm located in Handzame with Charlotte Pattyn in the lead. Charlotte works with a team of independent employees and has 2 main branches in her activities:

  • The activities related to architecture
  • The activities around Coconne Objects

The activities related to architecture focus mainly on projects and require a strict follow-up of time registrations made by the different employees while COCONNE Objects focuses on the sale of unique objects exclusively made by COCONNE.

More information about COCONNE can be found on the COCONNE website.

Charlotte Pattyn business manager COCONNE


The question arose whether it was possible to provide an implementation of the WAVEDESK platform where both activities can be followed up. Below you can find an overview of the requirements:

  • Project management: possibility to create projects with management of budget, phases, possibility of split invoicing (private / business) within 1 project, specific individual rates for each employee who carries out activities for a project, …
  • Time registration: a simple way for employees to register their time use and this linked to projects and activities, as different rates can be charged for different types of activities within a project.
  • Quotation management: an easy way to create quotations for COCONNE Objects with support for forwarding the quotation to the customer.
  • Invoicing: possibility to create advance invoices and balance invoices for COCONNE Objects on the one hand, and to invoice time registrations on the other. Provisions for reminder management and payment follow-up were also a requirement.
  • Site reports: a module to easily maintain different versions of site reports with automatic distribution of the reports to all site meeting participants.


We have expanded the WAVEDESK platform with a piece of customization.

On the one hand, the customization provides employees with the possibility to easily make the necessary time registrations via the browser. In addition, it was provided that the employees could draw up a monthly overview of their performances so that they can be invoiced to COCONNE as these are always self-employed employees.

For the person responsible for invoicing, we have provided a global overview of the registrations per project with a clear representation of the part that has already been invoiced and the number of services that still need to be invoiced.

From here, the responsible can easily create invoices and automatically email them with the necessary mail templates. The follow-up of payments and reminder management can also be done directly from this global overview.

Main benefits for COCONNE


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