Boven Yvo chooses WAVEDESK as a CRM platform

Boven yvo

After the implementation that was done at Roelants ramen en deuren, Boven Yvo has now also chosen to use WAVEDESK as a CRM platform.

The company’s activity is focused on the placement of aluminium windows and doors. For 45 years, this family business has been known for its craftsmanship. Due to years of expertise, they are preferred partners of Reynaers for aluminium profiles and Renson Ambassador for ventilation and blind systems.

Managers Boven Yvo
Tom & Wim Boven - Managers


The WAVEDESK platform will be used for all commercial activities.

This includes the follow-up of contacts, follow-up of quotations and the creation of files. The files can also record the necessary purchases that must be placed with the various suppliers to be able to carry out the production and placement.

The assignment of projects to calculators that have to calculate the file is also provided, whereby each individual employee receives his personal work list for the various projects.

Production link

For projects to flow through to the effective production, we provide a REST service that can be addressed by the software that is in use within the production.

This software can automatically enter projects that are ready for production through the service and thus include them in the production planning and material requirement calculation.