Automatically refresh data

With the 27/12/2020 release, we are introducing automatic data refresh when switching between different tabs.


Recently we have provided with an update of the platform that the different modules are displayed on tabs, this makes it possible to have multiple modules open simultaneously in your session.

The missing part was the automatic refresh of the data when navigating between the different tabs. For example, you could have a tab open with proposals for the commission calculation, but in the meantime a colleague has made changes to the insurance policies.

These changes were not immediately reflected when activating the tab.


The 27/12/2020 release now includes support for automatically refreshing the data when activating a tab.

In concrete terms, it means that the platform will automatically refresh the data that is visible on the tab so that you always have the most up-to-date data. We support this for all modules displayed on the tabs, including the dashboard modules.

Below you can see a small example of how it works. More specifically, we display the agenda on the dashboard of the CRM module as well as the current agenda on a separate tab. In the previous version, the calendar and dashboard were not automatically updated when making a change and then switching between the 2 modules. This is the case with the most recent version.