Toolbox for the insurance broker.

With WAVEDESK INSURANCE you follow up your insurances closely. Manage all the steps and aspects of an insurance internally within your organisation and involve your intermediaries and customers via the online portal.

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Manage your insurance policies efficiently.

Creating and managing policies within WAVEDESK is super flexible. Start from scratch or use the links with the companies to import production entered directly into the companies' platforms.

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Full commission management.

The INSURANCE module provides you with the necessary tools to manage the commissions of your agents with the support of multiple companies with different rates and types of commissioning.

Deliver a monthly statement to your agents and make it available in their portal where they can centrally consult their statements and backlog lists.

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Current account intermediary

A clear current account per agent.

You have a clear current account per agent with an overview of the current situation. You can book advances which will be automatically processed in the agent's statement.

Any recoveries due to discontinuation are also processed fully automatically.

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Multiple levels possible.

With the INSURANCE module you have the possibility to manage groups, brokers and agents.

This allows you to generate statistics and statements at all levels.

Determine at the level of your intermediary exceptions to the standard commission per company and per type of commission (contribution, reminder, collection).

Commissioning policies
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Proposal generator

Proposal generator integration

The proposal generator allows you to periodically generate proposals for your statements.

This allows you to perform a full scanning of the policies within your environment with extensive reporting where problems may occur.

You will automatically receive alerts for commission schedules that are missing, intermediaries that are not in order, ...

For this we use a unique engine that can be customized per account.

From the proposal generator you have the possibility to automatically create backlog lists which you can make available on the portal of your intermediaries.

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A personal portal for your intermediaries & customers?

If you want to be truly professional as an insurance broker and distinguish yourself from other brokers, you can use your personal portal.

This module allows you to offer your end customer and intermediary a private environment from which they can consult data but also collaborate with you.

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A selection of the functionalities.

We can't possibly list all the functionalities. Below you can find a selection of the functionalities that are present. For a complete description of all functionalities, please refer to the manual of the INSURANCE module.

  • Integration of twikey for automatic processing of the sepa direct debit
  • Simple filtering of the 18-year olds so that a correct follow-up can be done by your intermediaries
  • Support for stopping insurances with automatic recovery according to your defined rules
  • Store documents in the archive and optionally share specific folders with your intermediaries
  • Assign tasks to internal employees but also to intermediaries

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Are you looking for additional information about the INSURANCE module within the platform?

In WAVEDESK Help Center you can find a complete manual of the WAVEDESK platform including frequently asked questions, a ticket portal for your support requests and discussion forums.

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