The base.

With WAVEDESK CRM you have all the information of customers and contacts in hand. Addresses, appointments, communication, tasks, calls, ... All centralised and available in all modules of the platform.

Example of the contact details

Manage your customers & contacts in an efficient way.

Easy registration of customers and contacts by means of the clear sheets. Integration with the Crossroads Bank for VAT number validation and automatic data retrieval, super easy.
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Module specific extensions.

But it doesn't stop there. The CRM module will automatically adapt itself according to the modules activated within your account.

By means of tabs additional functionalities become available including integration of an electronic identity card, a portal for your customers, ...

Example of a module specific extension
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Extensive agenda with full integration

An extensive agenda with integration in the modules.

Booking appointments and sharing your calendar with your colleagues... Simple, but more is possible... Use templates to make certain times available to internal colleagues or even external employees via the portal to book an appointment.
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Integrated communication.

Receive and send email directly from the platform. Sent emails can be saved so you don't have to search in different places for the necessary information.

You have an inbox that automatically matches your customers and contacts so that you can quickly consult these messages centrally.

Example of integrated communication within the platform
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Example overview of tasks and telephones

Tasks and phones.

The journal available at all levels and in all modules within the platform allows you to schedule tasks and phone calls anywhere.
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All your documents centrally.

One location for all your documents, no more shared drives, everything at hand.

In addition, you have the possibility to make documents available on your customer portal or for the intermediaries you work with, this can be on document level and on folder level.

Example document archive within WAVEDESK

A selection of the other functionalities.

We can't possibly list all the functionalities. Below you can find a selection of the functionalities that are present. For a complete description of all functionalities, please refer to the manual of the CRM module.

  • Integration with Dropbox to centrally manage your documents on your own account
  • At all levels the possibility to export the lists to Excel format
  • Desktop notifications for tasks and phone calls to be performed
  • Integration of Google Street view to physically view a location based on a client or contact's address.
  • Automatic calculation of distances and travel times from your office to the customer or contact's address.

Need more information? Visit WAVEDESK Help Center

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Are you looking for additional information about the CRM module within the platform?

In WAVEDESK Help Center you can find a complete manual of the WAVEDESK platform including frequently asked questions, a ticket portal for your support requests and discussion forums.

WAVEDESK Help Center is available in 3 languages, please select your preferred language to visit Help Center.

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The CRM module of the WAVEDESK platform is interwoven in the various optional modules. The module is therefore always included in the subscriptions of the optional modules and does not have a separate subscription fee.

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