Manage your weighbridge.

With WAVEDESK you have the ideal platform for monitoring your weighbridge. Follow up all weighings with the possibility of intermediate weighing up to the printing of receipts and full invoicing.

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Example weighting input

Enter the initial or intermediate weightings quickly & efficiently.

Weights can be entered very efficiently through the selection lists that appear automatically. Because of the internal links between products, R&D codes and Eural codes, the platform will fill in most items automatically.

The platform also contains a database with license plates to easily select containers from drop-down lists.

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Easy to enter final weighting.

Enter the final weighting with the option to specify the method of payment in case of direct payment after the weighting.
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Sample weighing slip printout

Print the weighing slip immediately after weighing.

Immediately after entering the final weighing you have the possibility to print the weighing slip for your customer. You also have the possibility to print a receipt.

Of course, you can always consult a history of the weighings and reprint a weighing slip.

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Extensive statistics.

The BRIDGE module contains all the necessary statistics and lists to comply with legal obligations. The module includes the possibility to print lists specifically for your customers individually or for the government. In addition, you have statistics of total tonnage and fully consultable incoming and outgoing register of weighing.
Example statistics BRIDGE module
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Printout example invoicing BRIDGE module

Billing as it should be.

Create invoices periodically for your professional customers with the weightings that have not yet been invoiced.

Your customer will receive a summary invoice with the different weightings attached.

The integration with the FINANCIAL module within the platform allows you to monitor payments and has a complete reminder management.

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Integration of rentals.

Do you rent containers? What about weighing incoming and outgoing rented containers?

The perfect integration with the RENTAL module within the platform gives you all the necessary functionalities for the administrative processing of weightings linked to rentals.

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A selection of the functionalities.

We can't possibly list all the functionalities. Below you can find a selection of the functionalities that are present. For a complete description of all functionalities, please refer to the manual of the BRIDGE module.

  • Full management of your articles through integration of the INVENTORY module
  • Manage vehicles and transporters with all details site code, tare weight, ...
  • Support for yard management
  • Availability of R&D codes and Eural codes anywhere within the module
  • Full integration with the CRM module allowing you to make use of incoming and outgoing mails, tasks, notes, ...

Need more information? Visit WAVEDESK Help Center

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Are you looking for additional information about the BRIDGE module within the platform?

In WAVEDESK Help Center you can find a complete manual of the WAVEDESK platform including frequently asked questions, a ticket portal for your support requests and discussion forums.

WAVEDESK Help Center is available in 3 languages, please select your preferred language to visit Help Center.

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