Case Cares-Assistance

In this case, we provide an overview of the implementation that was done for Cares-Assistance, an insurance company specializing in funeral assistance.

About Cares-Assistance

The Cares-Assistance funeral assistance is the only assistance on the Belgian market that intervenes before, during and after the funeral and death and provides both practical and emotional assistance from the day you become a customer, but especially at the times when the relatives most need guidance.

This consists of 3 parts:

  • Funeral assistance
  • Assistance abroad
  • Repatriation

To offer this product, Cares-Assistance has set up a unique collaboration with AXA assistance. More information about the products of Cares-Assistance can be found on the Cares-Assistance website.

Need of Cares-Assistance

For the management of Cares-Assistance, 2 specific aspects were required:

  • A back office application for internal use by employees for the management of policies, commissions, generation of the statements and arrears lists, … combined with the necessary tools to work efficiently and from different locations
  • A portal for the brokers where they can consult their production, consult, and download their monthly statements and backlog lists so that actions can be taken here


To meet the demand, we started from the INSURANCE module within the WAVEDESK platform.
This module already contained about 70% of the requested functionalities.
From here, a number of additional functionalities were added to the back office area to meet the requirements.
A number of additional parameters have been added at the insurance company level and broker files to support the specific commission payment requirements.

In addition, we have provided several links to always provide an up-to-date picture of the current situation of the policies both internally and for the broker via his portal.

The link with twikey makes it possible to process the direct debit automatically within WAVEDESK on a frequent basis. This automatic processing means that staff always have a correct view of the status of the policies.
A second consequence is that both internal employees and brokers have a dynamic backlog list that is constantly updated.

To enter the production, it was a requirement to use tools that Nucleus Life makes available. To transfer this production to the WAVEDESK platform, a bridge was written between the two platforms, pulling in all the details of the production including the electronic documents.

The second important part was the online portal for the brokers.
Here, too, several extensions have been added that are specific to Cares-Assistance and that provide the broker with a central platform where he can consult all policy information as well as his statements and arrears list.

The personal way of working with WAVEDESK has meant that after a period of 3 months of intense work we have a fully online platform for internal management and can also offer a full portal to our brokers.
Due to the possibility to implement customization on the platform, we have a solution that corresponds 100% to the operation of our internal structure.
Strongly recommended!